Our Story

Nery Lee Collections is a jewelry brand based in Naples, Florida. It is inspired by the strong women that shaped the life of our founder Abnery Picon. As far as she knows, her grandmother sold jewelry in one of her house bedrooms. The business escalated to a one wholesale store and two retail stores. Her mother later acquired the two retail stores which were in operation for about 20 years. Abnery followed other steps and study engineering which she still practices as a Project Manager. Following her dream to create her own business and after years in the making, Nery Lee Collections finally opened her virtual doors in early 2024.

"Nery Lee" is how her great-grandmother used to called her when she was a toddler. During the years, this name was used by her grandmother for a jewelry line, by her mother for a handbags line and her late yorkie was also named "Nery Lee".